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Nathan Trampe

Nathan Trampe has wanted to be an artist and a baseball player since he could talk. Though the sports are now reserved for the backyard and for watching from afar, the evolution of his art is growing each day. His interests include leathercraft, wood and metal sculpture, painting, street art, photography, vehicles, and various types of drawing.

Now 22, Nathan has been featured in multiple juried shows around Central Texas and in Wyoming.  He is currently working on multiple painting series, including “To Scale,” which explores stereotypical opinions of people and of graffiti tagging as an art form while exploring the visual representation of motion and "Fleeting," a series seeking to visually represent how hard it can be to value special moments in the rapid passing of time. He is also producing drawings at a fast rate and always looking to build a new sculpture.

You can find him driving his graffitied 1972 ambulance art piece through the roads of Sheridan, Wyoming to go tubing down the river or skiing on the mountain, depending on the season. Nathan graduated with his Bachelor’s of Art in Studio Art from Baylor University in the spring of 2017. 


Nathan's art is currently for sale via PHLY, and art brand built by Nathan and his brother Micah. Visit PHLY.life to purchase!